Now You See Me 2

Following from the events of the first film (of which I can remember zero) Now You See Me 2 follows the horsemen (now with Lizzy Caplan instead of Isla Fisher) get captured by Daniel Radcliffe and forced into stealing a computer chip that is exactly the same weight and size as a playing card so that he can do something evil and bad.


First of all I didn’t think Now You See Me was a good film in the first place, in fact I’d probably go as far as to say that it is in fact not very good. But Jesus Christ everything that was wrong with the first one is now here in spades. This is a film so infuriatingly stupid and convoluted that not even the charm of two Woody Harrelson performances can save it from crushing itself under the weight of its own stupid plot contrivances. Now, this is something that the film does within the first half an hour which leaves you watching this writhing corpse of a movie continually pile literally impossible plot twists upon itself with no mercy. The entire mantra of the film is to say to the audience “ha, you didn’t see that coming did you!?!” to which everybody says “well no, because that’s a literally impossible thing”. There is a moment when Jesse Eisenberg just disappears into a puddle. Now, that isn’t sleight of hand, or a clever lighting trick. That’s cgi. What is impressive about that scene?


But aside from the “magic tricks” which are just cgi and so actually impossible things, the film also tries to spring gotchas in the form of character reveals. But it gets to the stage where you are just expecting there to be twists in the first place. There is one that comes right at the end that while it makes absolutely no sense, has no precedent in either this film or the first one and appears completely contradictory to anything you’ve seen prior is still somehow not surprising in the least.


Watching Now You See Me 2 I felt physically oppressed by just how bland and stupid it was. It’s hard to explain just how little sense Now You See Me 2 makes. And most of it is entry level consistency stuff like having a character in two places at once. It’s literally like they wrote the film whilst filming it. And on top of that you have Jesse Eisenberg as the lead role. Now if you don’t want your film to come across as irritating you don’t cast Eisenberg. Smug to the point of being unwatchable is apparently his character description.


Really I have nothing nice to say about Now You See Me 2. It’s an absolute stinker of the highest order. Daniel Radcliffe is alright in it though.


If Now You See Me 1 was a pound shop Prestige (it was). Then Now You See Me 2 is a pound shop Now You See Me 1.




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