Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens

The world has been free of Sharknados for five years now due to a massive technological advancement that allows the prevention of said nados (as they are often called) from even starting. However for no reason at all this technology stops working, and there are a whole bunch of nados ready to ravage Las Vegas. But how do these nados attain sharks in the middle of the desert you ask, well from the infamous shark hotel of course.


Ok so without a doubt Sharknado 4 is the most balls to the wall mental Sharknado entry yet. It’s completely insane from start to finish, and I mean completely insane. Where the first Sharknado movie was fairly honest in just trying to make a B-movie about sharks and nados it then unwittingly became this huge cult hit out of nowhere. The second one kind of knew about its cult status and so added more jokes and went a bit crazier, but at its heart it still just wanted to be a shark film. Because of this the second one is still my favourite. The third one got it all a bit wrong and sort of tried to make a real film (I know right??) until the last twenty minutes where it gave up and went into space in the process making the best part of the film. The fourth one decides to do the third one’s final twenty minutes only for its entire runtime. The result is that it’s an absolute mess of a film.


It’s not unenjoyable, it’s just so mental that it’s actually incoherent. The 4th awakens is definitely a step up from 3 but more than anything Sharknado 4 is just an example of that moment when you finish a film like the third one knowing there is going to be a sequel and thinking “where can they possibly go from here?” then watching 4 and thinking “oh, that’s where”.


If, like me, you thought the last twenty minutes of Sharknado 3 were amazing but the rest of it was rubbish then this is the film for you though. It is mad though.




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