The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Ok so, before the events of Snow-white and the Huntsman Charlize Theron ruled the kingdom with her little sister Emily Blunt whom in a plot twist that is in no way like Frozen she gets ice related powers that are never really quantified or explained also in a way that is entirely different from Frozen. Then something not great happens and she isolates herself from her sister and stuff in a way that is completely different to the plot of Frozen. Um and then Chris Hemsworth and his bad Scottish accent get separated from Jessica Chastain and her even worse Scottish accent (seriously guys I choked when she first spoke it’s so bad). Then the film fast-forwards past the events of Snow-White and the huntsman in which Spoilers, Charlize Theron dies. So now Emily Blunt wants to bring her back to life, but Chris Hemsworth doesn’t want that and so on and so forth, I wasn’t all that engaged with the plot to be honest with you.


Winter’s war is rubbish. It attempts to walk the tight-rope between campy nonsense such as Gods of Egypt and taking itself very seriously like the first one did but just instantly falls off and into the pit of managing to be simultaneously very silly and dreadfully tedious.


Charlize does inject some charisma into the proceedings when Spoilers she returns from the grave for the third act, but it’s a right old slog to get there. Chris Hemsworth is a solid lead, but his effect is watered down by a bad accent, while Jessica Chastain allows her terrible accent to completely consume her entire performance. Meanwhile in the evil camp Emily Blunt plays Elsa, I mean Freya with all the energy and pizzazz of an iceberg.


What is funny about this Pre/sequel is the drastic drop in dwarf budget apparently. They go from having the seven dwarfs in the first film, to having one of them in this film along with his cousin and two female mates for a bit of rubbish forced romance.


However the design is gorgeous. There are some goblins at one stage of the film and they look absolutely terrific, so if you are thinking of watching the film I would suggest you pay no attention to any of the characters and instead just watch the backgrounds.




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