Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Shunned by society despite their heroics in the first film, the turtles struggle with their position as masked vigilantes never to be accepted by the real world. Meanwhile Shredder teams up with mad scientist Tyler Perry in order to contact another dimension? I think?


First of all I didn’t watch the film instalment of the franchise, and to be honest it looks like a dodged a real bullet. This one is appalling. This was a real case of going in with rock bottom expectations and having them completely met. I didn’t expect to ever find the film amusing, exciting or interesting and I never did. I was bored for approximately 107 minutes of the 112 minute runtime, and that’s because I stooped watching as soon as the credits began.


I’m no Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan, but I have watched a few of the old cartoon episodes when I was younger and I remember finding the Krang character pretty fun and cool. So when I saw his (?) inclusion in the trailer a part of me actually got a little excited. However here Krang appears as a ridiculous looking and irritatingly voiced cgi monstrosity.


As always with a Michael Bay production we have crass sexualisation of female characters despite this being a movie aimed at eight year olds – see Megan Fox walking around in a slutty school uniform for no reason whatsoever – numerous and loud explosions that don’t mean anything and horrible ear scraping dialogue that will haunt you at night.


On the positive side I thought Bebop and Rocksteady looked kinda cool.And on the positive yet melancholy side Will Arnett tries his very hardest to save this film – whilst hoping it won’t entirely kill his career, poor bloke.


Honestly save yourselves from this train wreck.




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