The Nice Guys

Two completely different private eyes (Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling) must team up in odd circumstances to investigate the disappearance of a porn star in 1970’s Los Angeles.


The trailer to the Nice Guys was exceptional promising, making the film appear like a fast paced and hilarious caper film. However the film itself is not as faced paced or anywhere near as funny as the trailer suggested, or indeed as the film seems to think it is. In one telling moment Ryan Gosling’s character replicates a sketch from Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein – in my opinion one of the funniest films ever made – and at that moment I realised that The Nice Guys wasn’t actually making me laugh very much. I was never bored watching the film, but at the same time I was never thoroughly entertained.


I wasn’t especially convinced by either of the two leads, I thought Russel Crowe yet again wasn’t especially charismatic and I found him to lack any real comic timing or delivery. Ryan Gosling definitely delivers the most laughs in the film, but he doesn’t really have to contend with anyone. The film definitely thinks he is a better physical comedian than I did. This being said, they did have a decent chemistry.


Overall, The Nice Guys is a good film. It just promised to be so much more. It works far better as a period piece mystery than it does as a comedy. But my overall emotion was disappointment and a want to go back and re-assess Inherent Vice which I wasn’t overly keen on at the time, but really does everything The Nice Guys did only better.




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