The Angry Birds Movie

A bunch of birds (off the app yeah) live on an island called “bird Island” and they all live quite happily together apart from Red who is kind of irritable. One day some pigs come to the island, having travelled from “Pig Island”, and seem dead friendly although Red doesn’t like them because they crushed his house with their boat. Turns out these foreigners aren’t great and you should be sceptical and down on everyone until they prove worthy of your respect.


Now I don’t want to read too much into a film based on an app, but it could be read that the enduring message from The Angry Birds Movie is that all foreigners are evil and not to be trusted. But let’s for a second put that to one side and judge this just as an animated movie shall we.


It’s dreadful.


I mean, I don’t know what I expected from the Angry Birds Movie. But it still managed to dive below whatever rock bottom expectations I had. I didn’t laugh once, at no point was I remotely interested in any of the characters and at no point was I particularly wowed by the visuals. The real question now is do I truly hate the film, or do I just intensely dislike it.


It’s actually quite a well-cast film and contains quite a few actors that I really like, and it just saddens me to see them involved in this. But one thing that can be said in favour of this movie is that nobody involved with the voice work is just cashing it in. I get the feeling that everyone is trying their absolute hardest to make this train wreck of a script work. Of course there is absolutely nothing that could save the catastrophic lack in humour present here. But I do struggle to hate a film that contains so many people that have worked hard.


At the end of the day The Angry Birds Movie just shouldn’t exist.




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