Midnight Special

Michael Shannon goes on the run from the government and a strange religious cult whom are both out to kidnap his son due to his strange and unexplained powers. And that folks is all I’m giving you, because frankly that’s all the movie gives you.


Bored of all this extravagant science fiction malarkey? Prefer your sci fi to be lo fi and understated? Well then Midnight is your movie pal. What we have here is a low budget earth based science fiction movie that goes along without telling you anything really. There is no exposition here. But you are never confused about what is going on, because the setup is simple and intriguing.


Michael Shannon is yet again at his very best here. Playing the possibly overprotective but clearly very loving parent. But the performance that really caught my eye was Adam Driver as a sort of outsider FBI agent. He doesn’t really fit in with the usual characterisation of an FBI agent and strives to understand what is happening where his team possibly has other motives.


Midnight Special is one of the movies that you just can’t talk about that much without giving the whole game away, so I’m just going to go ahead and stop.


I will say though, don’t be put off by the rubbish title. It’s far far better than it sounds like it should be.


Go watch it.




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