Captain America: Civil War

After an Avengers mission in Wakanda’s success comes at a great civilian cost the American government comes up with a plan to have the group regulated by the UN. This proposal creates a rift between the team, with Captain America refusing to sign and Iron Man thinking that it is a necessity that they agree to the plan.


First of all, I think Civil War is without a doubt the best Captain America film yet and it could well be the best MCU film yet. I’ll rank them all once I watch it again. Marvel haven’t dropped the ball since Iron Man 2 but they also haven’t made anything incredible. Civil War while not absolutely incredible, is certainly a step up in terms of emotional depth and character building.


It’s not perfect by any means, it is too long like so many MCU movies and I personally thought the first hour dragged just a little bit. I thought some of the action sequences were a little too bourne-esque for my liking – I would have rathered a less shaky cam approach and some longer shots (though that is probably just me). However these niggles aside I found Civil War massively enjoyable and actually quite profound at times.


The emotional conflict between Iron Man and Captain America especially works because you’ve seen all of the films leading up to this moment, you’ve seen the characters grow together and even if you aren’t consciously thinking about it you know them inside out, so seeing them torn apart like this is actually quite effective. There is one particular scene towards the end that is so emotionally charged I did genuinely tear up, which is something unheard of in a superhero movie.


Comparisons with the recent Batman v Superman are inevitable. They are fairly similar in terms of plot and release date but in every place that B v S failed – and that’s a lot of places – Civil War succeeds. And I don’t think this is solely because of the difference in build-up that the two films had. Civil War has a good ten films of build up where B v S has maybe ten minutes, this does make a big difference but then you wonder why did DC attempt to make a film that demands so much emotional attachment so early on in their extended universe plans. But Civil War is also a far more superiorly made movie, in that it’s actually coherent. Of course we shouldn’t need to compare the two, but the similarities between the two just invite comparison.


Overall, Civil War is probably MCU strongest outing yet certainly in terms of emotional depth, and I think promises much for the next films in the franchise.




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