Eddie the Eagle

Taron Egerton plays Eddie Edwards the famously tenacious British Ski Jumper who charmed the world during the 1988 winter Olympics with his underdog story. Eddie the Eagle follows the titular real life character’s rise to fame/notoriety.


Eddie the Eagle is yet another sporting underdog movie, you’ve all seen it before it’s even set at the same Olympics as cool Runnings. But here’s the thing, I’m a sucker for an efficiently carried out sporting underdog movie – something that Eddie the Eagle most certainly is.


Now this is a true story and I went in knowing how it all panned out and I’m going to talk about it assuming everyone else knows this much. So if you are unaware of said ski jumping event stop and watch it (if you even wanted to in the first place). Everyone else carry on.


I think even without knowing about the actual thing you’d still be able to plan out the events of this film pretty easily. As soon as you see his dad being down on him at the beginning you know full well he is going to be proud of him at the end. I saw this emotional event coming, and yet I could do nothing about it. I was sat there crying tears of joy whilst simultaneously laughing at my own predictability.


However if like me you fully embrace the predictability of these films, finding that if anything it enhances your experience I think you are going to fully enjoy Eddie the Eagle. It’s just the right level of light-heartedness mixed with some genuinely decent sporting scenes and Hugh Jackman. What more could you want? Taron Egerton is great as the central role, and if none of this is really your bag you can always just play spot the vaguely famous British actor.




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