A young Spanish woman who has recently moved to Berlin finds that the late night flirtation she has with a local German man leads her down a potentially dangerous path. Watch the first ever feature length filmed in one continuous shot (138 minutes) and journey with Victoria through her night.


Ok so first of all just the fact that this was all filmed in one long continuous shot is incredible and noteworthy, even if the film was terrible it would still be impressive on a technical level. I struggle to even comprehend the amount of planning and choreography that would be required to make a project like this possible. And don’t for one minute think that this is just a gimmick, using one long continuous shot makes it feel like you are a character in the drama just as much as anyone else is. You thought the Revenant got you involved in the drama with the long takes, well this takes that one step further.


It’s also just a great film anyway. Even without the insane technical proficiency Victoria would still be a massively enjoyable thriller. Perhaps the story is not the most original, but when it is adapted in such a vibrant and kinetic fashion does that really matter?


The performances are just incredible, in that at no point do you sit there and think “wow what a great performance” because they just don’t seem like they are acting. After perhaps five minutes I essentially forgot I was watching a film and just let it take me with it, and a key reason for this is the performances. Laia Costa is incredible and is onscreen for pretty much the whole movie – she is acting continuously for over two hours with a camera pointed at her the whole time and not once does she falter. The rest of the cast are all superb but Victoria is all about Costa.


Overall you need to see Victoria, it is quite long and not all of it is edge of seat material – there is one period near the beginning that runs perhaps longer than it should do. But it really is an incredible watch.




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