Dirty Grandpa

Robert De Niro is Zac Efron’s grandfather. Robert sees his grandson getting into what he sees as a mistake of a marriage, so after his wife and Zac’s grandmother dies Robert takes the two of them on a road trip during spring break to get laid essentially. Hilarity Ensues. Except it doesn’t, at all.


The trouble with Dirty Grandpa is it just seems awfully like a passing funny 2 minute SNL sketch that decided to become an hour and 40 minute long movie (and by the way there is no way this film deserved anything longer than 83 minutes), so while Robert De Niro being foul mouthed and just generally foul does come with say three chuckles that’s nowhere near enough to sustain this film especially when it’s directed in such a lacklustre manner as this is.


And really that’s all there is to say about it. Sure it’s offensive a bunch but that’s the point of the film. And hey whoever said you couldn’t be offensive and funny? Deadpool was occasionally offensive but it was extremely funny. I laughed more in the opening credits of Deadpool than I did in the entirety of Dirty Grandpa.


Don’t watch this movie guys, I know you like Zac Efron – so do I, that’s why this hurts so much. Because if it weren’t for watching an actor I really like drowning in grime Dirty Grandpa would just be boring. But as it is it kind of hurts me.




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