The Boy

Lauren Cohan, in escaping some troubling times in her private life, comes over to England to take up a nannying job for a strange old couple. She is tasked with looking after a creepy porcelain doll that they call their child Brahms. She later finds out that the real Brahms died many years ago, and the couple have been using this doll as their child ever since.


There is nothing at all new within the Boy, however dolls are creepy and this is a premise that allows the doll to be as creepy as it possibly can. It’s not the best version of this film that I’ve seen, it’s also not the worst – yes Annabelle I’m looking at you – so why watch The Boy?


Well you don’t really need to in truth, that’s not to say that if you do decide to watch it there isn’t enough there to mostly enjoy the experience. There are just far more worthwhile horror movies in the world. That having been said I thought the performances were pretty decent. I liked the chemistry between the two leads Lauren Cohan and Rupert Evans, although I felt like the English-American difference could have been played up more.


But the main talking point for me about The Boy is the ending, so if you haven’t seen it yet and you actually want to at some point just skip to the rating. Personally I found the ending to be a huge copout and a very boring and not scary way to end a film that I hadn’t found boring at that was occasionally pretty creepy. For some reason the filmmakers decided no ambiguity could be left as to what was really happening which is a massive shame given what interesting and open ended horror movies we’ve had recently. In the end this was a disappointment but I quite liked the first hour.




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