Secret in their Eyes

Chiwetel Ejiofor and Julia Roberts are two investigators within a private police unit who are very close. When they receive a tip about a rape and murder close to the sight of an undergoing terrorist investigation they immediately run to the scene, however when they get there Chiwetel realises that the victim to this rape and murder is actually Julie Robert’s teen daughter. This tears what was once a tight-knit group of investigators apart. 7 years later, Chiwetel wants to reopen the case as he believes he has located the murderer of Roberts’ child.


First of all I haven’t seen the Argentinian original so I won’t be comparing it to that. I know lots of people have complained that this film in no way stacks up to the original – and this being an American remake that would make sense – I couldn’t possibly comment.


Secret in their Eyes is a fairly derivative but pretty well played thriller that exists in two time lines. While I didn’t find it edge of seat entertainment I was never bored and there were enough twists in the story to keep me engaged if not enthralled. I thought the two time lines were managed on the whole very well, and only once did I find myself thinking “wait what year is this?”.


The performances here are pretty decent across the board. Julia Roberts really steals the film though, she is absolutely superb and has by far the most layered character to deal with. Elsewhere Chiwetel Ejiofor as always is a very charismatic lead and more unusually Nicole Kidman isn’t very good – it just seemed to be an off couple of days for her unfortunately. I’d also like to see Dean Norris in more films, I think he deserves more plaudits for his work in Breaking Bad and he’s a great screen presence.


Overall, Secret in their Eyes is not going to set the word on fire. But it has a fairly enjoyable two hours, and is worth watching just for Julia Roberts.




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