London has Fallen

Gerard Butler is back and this time he is not only going to have to save America, but the whole world. After the British prime minister dies all the world’s leaders meet for his funeral, which makes this the perfect time for an ambush think a group of terrorists who plan to execute the president live on TV.


Where Olympus has Fallen wasn’t a good film by any stretch of the imagination it did still have a kind of gritty brutal charm to it. London has Fallen however completely sucks near all of this charm, replacing it instead with weak cgi and shouting. There are still a few scenes that hark back to the first film, Gerry hanging out of a car for example, but these moments are few and far between.


The majority of the film is just very dull, the story is uninteresting and the acting is rendered completely wooden by the poor dialogue. Gerard is a compelling action movie lead but he is mostly lost amidst this dreary mess. It looks like Morgan Freeman was available to shoot for about three days and to be honest I doubt he every actually filmed a scene with Butler. Their one interaction looks for all the world like they have been cgi-ed into the same room.


Overall, it’s not Gerard Butler’s worst of the year but god help him if it’s his best. If you liked Olympus has Fallen you’ll probably like this one too, just not as much.




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