Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Right, so Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) is beginning to get worried about the unchecked power of Superman (Henry Cavill) after the events of Man of Steel killed his mate. So he sets himself up to possibly fight the guy, meanwhile he is also being worried about the rise to power of one Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenburg) so is checking him out as well. Meanwhile Lex Luthor is getting worried about not only Superman but people that he assumes exist that are like Superman, so is planning to try and kill Superman somehow. Meanwhile Superman is annoyed about Batman because the plot told him they needed to fight.


Boy oh boy what a mess. I’d be lying if I said there was nothing good about Batman v Superman. Ben Affleck as Batman despite my initial doubts is very good. I think this version of Batman has great potential and I am really excited to see a standalone Batfleck movie. The actual Batman v Superman fight scenes themselves are decent. Not the best comic book movie fight scene I’ve watched but it was fairly enjoyable. Henry Cavill yet again is fine as Superman despite having nothing to do whatsoever. Jeremy Irons, while no Michael Caine is fine and Gal Gadot looks like an excellent casting decision. However these are all disparate elements in an incoherent jumble of a film.


There is also stuff I disliked about Batman v Superman – and almost all of them are Jesse Eisenburg. He is catastrophic. Every moment he is on screen made me feel like gouging my ears out. He contains no menace, not threat and is just the worst casting decision I can remember in the last ten years. The dream sequences are all very confusing, not in an intriguing Nolan way but in an infuriating Snyder way. The film also assumes you have a lot of prior comic book knowledge going into the film which I think is going to hurt its box office quite a lot in the long run. But really the biggest problem aside from Eisenburg is that Batman v Superman just isn’t fun enough. It’s a terrible bore.


Overall, Batman v Superman seems like such a wasted opportunity. So many good elements have been absolutely squandered here and my heart really goes out to Ben Affleck who completely silenced the doubters (me included) and is far and away the best part of this film. However one man who has done nothing to silence any doubters is Zack Snyder who yet again proves he couldn’t tell a coherent story if his life depended on it.




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