Jane Got a Gun

Natalie Portman enlists the help of gunman and previous lover Joel Edgerton to try and protect her husband from a gang lead by Ewan McGregor who are out to kill him. Will the two of them be able to hold out against an entire posse of bandits?


Jane Got a Gun is proof that the western has made its comeback, because this is the first one that isn’t very good. This means that it isn’t just one off indie productions, now there is the full range of western movie.


Jane’s problem as a movie is that it just isn’t inspiring at all. It isn’t badly made, it’s not badly acted it’s just incredibly ordinary. There is nothing here that you haven’t seen better elsewhere. Natalie Portman puts her all into it, but it’s not enough. There just isn’t very much to talk about when discussing Jane Got a Gun, nothing in it is anything other than very middling.


And that’s it really. There just isn’t very much to say. It’s not offensive, it’s not boring per say it’s just not very interesting.




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