When Dylan Minnette moves into his new home he is instantly smitten with his next door neighbour Odeya Rush, however her father Jack Black is keen to keep them apart. With the backup of his new best friend Ryan Lee Dylan goes to investigate a mysterious sound from within the next door house, but what they find is far more horrific than they could have expected. The four (Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush and Ryan Lee) must now fight against time to save the town from the unleased monster horde.


Goosebumps is a lot of fun. Sure it’s silly and it won’t stay with you all too long after watching, but for the hour and a half that you are watching it’s a really enjoyable romp. Jack Black is very funny and reigns in his usual performance but the real stars are the leading pair Dylan Minnette and Odeya Rush who have a great chemistry and are equally as funny.


Honestly I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t enjoy Goosebumps massively. It doesn’t do that thing that so many “children’s movies” do where they have jokes aimed at adults and different jokes aimed at children, it instead focuses on being a fast paced and enjoyable ride. I think it’s pitched exactly right at a PG, for younger viewers there might be some scenes of moderate peril and spooks but honestly, take the whole family.


Goosebumps aims at the slightly younger audience blockbuster market, and I think it strikes a bullseye. Does everything it sets out to do with aplomb.




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