Laurence Fishburne is an assassin looking to cover his tracks by murdering a 12 year old girl who sees him go about his business unmasked. She takes refuge in Thomas Jane’s house and there is a – you’ll never guess – Standoff. Who will win out in this battle of patience and wits?


Standoff has a decent idea and set up at its heart and I respect a film that stays in one house with only three characters for the majority of the film. However, Standoff can’t escape the fact that it’s quite rubbish. The script is weak, Thomas Jane can’t compete with Laurence Fishburne’s charisma and it’s not very aesthetically appealing. That said it’s very short and I didn’t mind watching it, I wasn’t angry at any point. Sure I got a little bored at times but Laurence Fishburne is infinitely watchable and I do like the setup.


Unfortunately it’s a b-movie that is made like a b-movie that doesn’t seem to think it’s a b-movie. It’s never laughably bad but the script isn’t any good and it’s filmed in such a way that seems to flag up its budgetary shortcomings. I wouldn’t recommend Standoff, not because it’s awful but because there is no reason to watch it at all, unless you are just ploughing through Laurence Fishburne’s back catalogue.




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