Kung Fu Panda 3

When the ancient Kung Fu master Kai returns from the spirit realm after 400 years of imprisonment he will let nothing stand between him and absorbing the chi of every single Kung Fu master in china. It is up to the dragon warrior Po to stop him, but first he must learn the ancient panda art of chi control with the help of his long lost biological father.


If you liked the other Kung Fu panda films you’ll like this one. Sure it’s probably the third best Kung Fu Panda film but in my book that’s still pretty decent. The plot is fairly perfunctory and the villain isn’t a patch on Tai Lung from the first film but the animation is beautiful especially when in the spirit realm and the performances are lots of fun all around. Jack Black does the Jack Black thing very well and Dustin Hoffman seem to really enjoy the role of Shifu.


But my favourite part of this film was the father-father-son relationship that is fostered onscreen between Jack Black and his biological father (Bryan Cranston) and his adopted father (James Hong). I think it’s a very important relationship to have in a children’s film, and crucially they are shown working together really well and being generally awesome. I think it’s a very progressive move and for this I can kind of overlook some of the movie’s shortcomings.


Overall, I liked Kung Fu Panda 3. It’s not the best of the series but it does have a good message and it is funny.




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