Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Five sisters in 19th century England must deal both with the zombie apocalypse and the pressures of finding a husband. Lily James is one such sister but she prefers to focus on her self-preservation in the face of a possible zombie takeover rather than the art of courting a gentleman, this does however not leave her without admirers. She must fight the undead hoards and choose between a husky Sam Riley, a suave Jack Huston and Matt Smith being Matt Smith.


This film should be amazing. On paper it works incredibly well, all of the characters have had their personalities perfectly situated within the world of a zombie apocalypse and it’s really clever in the way that the traditional plot has been adapted. It is then with a heavy heart that I tell you Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a disappointment.


It’s just not fun enough. It’s like the creators didn’t really see this as a comic idea for a film, and it’s played completely straight faced. Matt Smith is the only character who generates laughs and he seems to be comic relief in quite a serious film about Jane Austen and zombies. It is still an admirable film and it does genuinely work in combining the two genres although it is not as insightful as many zombie movies tend to be, nor does it possess the true emotion in the best Austen adaptations. The direction is just a little uninspiring and the film just doesn’t feel that enjoyable.


Overall, while the script works and all of the performances (with the exception of Sam Riley who really needs to sort out his throat poor man) are very strong, it just isn’t a fun as it should be. I didn’t dislike it, but I just wanted to enjoy myself more. Perhaps now I know how straight faced it is I will enjoy it a second time more.




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