Gods of Egypt

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is Horus god of the air, and he is about to inherit the crown of Egypt from his retiring father Osiris. However Gerard Butler is the evil god Set, and he is having none of this. Butler makes himself king, banishing Coster-Waldau and stealing his eyes. But can Coster-Waldau get his revenge with the help of an incredibly irritating Brenton Thwaites?


I’m just going to put this out there, if this isn’t in my bottom ten by the end of the year 2016 will have been one dodgy year for the world of movies. Boy oh boy this film sucks.


Terribly acted, terribly written and in terms of the CGI (of which there is aplenty) terribly rendered. Gods of Egypt makes Clash of the Titans – a weak film that happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine – look like Citizen Kane. Everything about it screams 2010, Gerard Butler is the “big name” it’s swords and sandals and its post Avatar film making. Only nobody makes films like this anymore. Because they stopped making money in 2012. Nobody cares about Gods Egypt and too right.


Gerard Butler actually is the only actor who comes out of this alive to be honest. Compared to Brenton Thwaites he actually looks half decent. His lines aren’t as hammy as they were in 300, so I don’t imagine he had too much fun filming. But he isn’t just picking up the check here. Go Gerry. However, everybody else is dreadful here. Chadwick Boseman puts in one of the worst performances of the year, which after the success of Get on up is a real surprise. But head and heels below everybody is Brenton Thwaites whom I have been up and down with in the past, but this is undoubtedly his worst by quite some margin.


There really isn’t anything good to say about Gods of Egypt. It’s sloppily put together and genuinely boring, which for a film that involves two giant fire breathing snakes is unacceptable. Avoid this at all costs.




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