Best Picture Oscar Nominations 2016

Having now seen all 8 of this year’s best picture nominees I thought I’d share my thoughts on all of them. It is worth noting that in general I feel this year’s crop has been underwhelming. They aren’t bad films by any means, but they certainly aren’t as good as other years have been. Here they are in the order of which ones I like the least through to the most.


Bridge of Spies


I personally found Bridge of Spies to be somewhat of a disappointment. It’s not a bad film, but it isn’t amazing. It has two very strong performances in Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance, and Spielberg brings his enviable professionalism to the film. However it suffers from a script that sags in the middle, coming from one of the greatest ever directors this film is a disappointment and did not deserve this nomination.


My rating – 7/10


The Martian


The Martian is a fine film, it’s very enjoyable and quite funny in places. However on of the eight best films from the year it is not. In a year full of genre defining pieces of art and films that last with you for months, to see maybe the fifth best popcorn blockbuster nominated for a best picture Oscar is pretty odd. I don’t think we’ll be remembering this film in years to come.


My Rating – 8/10


The Big Short


Does this quirky comedy about the housing market collapse deserve an Oscar Nomination? No. I did like it, I’m just a little put out the Oscars board couldn’t find anything better, because there was so much better than this.


My Rating – 8/10




There is no doubt that Spotlight is an incredibly competently put together film that generally manages to rise above over-sentimentality. But I thought the Oscars were supposed to award brilliance, Spotlight isn’t brilliant it’s just very good. It’s very watchable and tells an important story, but if it doesn’t win the Oscar it’s going to be condemned to mid-day television screenings in 5 years I’m afraid.


My Rating – 8/10


The Revenant


Last year The Revenant would have been the dark horse. The popular film that managed to sneak into the nominations just to shake it up, but this year such is the lack in standout movies The Revenant is somehow the favourite. Sure it’s gripping and fun to watch if a little overlong. But Oscar worthy?


My Rating – 8/10




Finally a film that deserves its seat here. A beautiful study in understatement and the magic of cinema, I’m really glad Brooklyn has managed to find critical recognition because a film so based around subtlety could have quite easily passed Oscar voters by.


My Rating – 9/10





Room is a wonderful film and rightly nominated, I don’t think it has much of a chance due to it being so small a film in terms of both budget and number of people who actually went to see it, but it really is a fantastic piece of work. The best film in this list I’d say. But not my favourite.


My Rating – 9/10


Mad Max: Fury Road


My favourite of the Oscar nominations and the only film on this list that I think will be remembered for years and years to come. A really thrilling action ride and an important one. Managing at once to be both one of the most progressive films of 2015 and just a fantastic brainless action movie I know this won’t win, but what if it did.


My Rating – 9/10


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