Michael B. Jordan is the son of Apollo Creed whom died before Adonis (Jordan) was born. He decides to follow in his father’s footsteps in boxing, but will need someone to coach him and so he strikes up a friendship with a reluctant Sylvester Stallone. Together they try to get Creed to the top of the boxing game.


This is the seventh Rocky film, and going in to watch this I was about as apprehensive as one can be when about to watch a movie. More so because I’ve never been a Rocky fan, I don’t particularly like the first one have never been bothered enough to watch any of the others in full. However to my great surprise and joy I can tell you that not only is this not really the seventh Rocky film, it’s also rather good.


Now when I say that it isn’t really a Rocky film, what I mean is that this isn’t Sylvester Stallone’s movie. I know he has got all of the praise and awards, but honestly when watching this I was surprised at how much he wasn’t really in the film and how little I cared about him. All my attention and care was shared between Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson, I was so much more invested in these two that when things happen to Stallone I just didn’t care that much. I mean he’s alright in this, probably as good as he could have been given that he isn’t the best actor in the world, or in this film. He maybe gives the fourth best performance here, but sure he deserves an Oscar sure. Just to clarify Sylvester Stallone absolutely does not deserve an Oscar, or the nomination it’s an absolute joke if you ask me.


However my irritation at Stallone’s inclusion in the Oscar nominations didn’t get in the way of me enjoying this film, and really what higher praise can I give it? Michael B. Jordan is absolutely terrific and carries the majority of the film on his own. He along with Idris Elba are the two big Oscar snubs for me. Tessa Thompson for me also deserves more praise.


Creed though is just fun. It’s a good enjoyable boxing film. It’s not perfect, it is generally too similar to the first Rocky and thus a little predictable. The antagonist character is far too underdeveloped, but none of this matters too much because Creed is just a good solid boxing movie. My favourite Rocky movie. Go watch it for Michael B. Jordan, not Stallone.




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