Brie Larson and her five year old son Jacob Tremblay are trapped in a dingy enclosed shed they call Room. Jacob has been brought up thinking that this room is the entire world, but the pair will eventually escape this claustrophobic hell, but how will they deal with being reintroduced to the real world, or in Jacob’s case just being introduced for the first time.


Room is the smallest of the Oscar nominated movies for 2016. And yet, it is probably the best of them (I have not yet seen Brooklyn though). In terms just of emotional power and the strength of the performances. It really is something and nothing within the Oscar nominations list comes close to Room’s ability to tug on the heartstrings.


Both Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay are absolutely exceptional in their roles, but really this is Jacob’s film. He is on screen essentially 100% of the time and for such a young actor to carry a film with this kind of emotional weight for long periods on his own is frankly astounding. The fact that Brie Larson has been nominated but Jacob has not boggles the mind to be honest. The two have such an incredible chemistry when they get along it’s a real joy to watch, but when they don’t it just makes it all the more powerful.


It’s not a perfect film, I think that perhaps they escape from room a little too early on in the film as the film sags a little after the intense escape scene. It does pick back up again it takes around 20 minutes to find it’s footing in the real world. For me it’s the best Oscar nominated film, but not my favourite. I still want Mad Max to win, but more on that another time.


Overall, Room is an incredible piece of work and you should really check it out.




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