Will Smith is an accomplished Nigerian pathologist who decides that it is his duty to unveil the secret of just how brutal the sport of American Football is on the mind of the players. He knows there will be considerable backlash from big names within the sport and in politics but he knows what is right.


Concussion is a by the numbers awards film. It’s got very good performances but is just is very ordinary. It’s a subject I’m not that interested in and this film didn’t manage to convince me otherwise. I lost interest about an hour in, and the second hour was a bit of a slog that I can’t really remember too well because I just zoned out really.


Will Smith is very good, and the best he’s been since the pursuit of happyness really. I know that’s slightly damning him with fake praise because he’s been in a run of proper stinkers of late but he is good here. His accent is consistent throughout and while it takes a few minutes for Will Smith not sounding like Will Smith to sink in, once it does you barely notice it. Alec Baldwin as always is very strong as is Gugu Mbatha-Raw.


Overall, Concussion will not be remembered after this awards season dies down. And by the looks of the Oscar nominations it will probably be forgotten before this awards season is even over. But it’s solid enough.




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