The Worst 10 Films of 2015

Ok so yes 2015 was one the best and most successful years for film in living memory but it wasn’t all good. Actually there was quite a lot of bad. Welcome all to my top 10 list of the best films from 2015.


  1. Vacation

Vacation really is terribly dull. It’s not funny, it’s not engaging but you know what compared to what’s coming it comes off alright.


  1. Mortdecai

Boy oh boy, Mortdecai. In Johnny Depp’s worst performance to date, yes that’s right worse than Into the Woods, he falls from one attempted “comedic” set piece to the next one in a manner that can only be called aggressively unfunny. However I will always slightly respect a film that puts all it’s worth into something. Although slightly is the key word there.


  1. Sinister 2

And the award for the worst Horror sequel of the year goes to Sinister 2. It was a hard fought brawl between this and Insidious 3. With insidious wining out due to having one sound effect that I quite liked.


  1. The Gunman

Sean Penn’s attempt at doing Taken. Never before have I wanted to see Liam Neeson shoot someone so much, Sean Penn is just not good enough in this role. But the real shame of this particular film disaster is the cast it drags down with it. My heart goes out to Idris Elba, Javier Bardem, Ray Winstone and Mark Rylance. Although speaking of missing Neeson …


  1. Taken 3

Now I do not blame Liam Neeson for the Trainwreck of Taken 3. I blame the director. This is the second most horribly filmed movie of 2015. It is so poorly put together at times I genuinely lost track of what was happening during a car chase.


  1. Entourage

Now we begin to see films that are not just terrible but also problematic. Entourage is a very tiresome affair that makes heroes of this bunch of utter arseholes. We have the apparently world famous actor who has all the charisma of half a goose, his homophobic and racist boss and three idiotic misogynists who follow him around. Steer clear of this one.


  1. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

On a technical Level this is the worst film of 2015. It’s an emotional and comedic void. But I can’t help admiring a film that is quite this abysmal.


  1. Unfinished Business

A horrid mix of Vince Vaughn and “lad” humour all drowned in a sentimentality that has the same effect as someone dragging their nails across a blackboard. It’s a horrible film.


  1. Get Hard

A comedy about Homosexual rape and racism. Need I say much more?


  1. Pixels

Just the laziest most horrendous sexist piece of awful 2015 saw. Disguised as a family movie Pixels sets about trying to indoctrinate the weak minded of us into the mind-set that women are just here to be fawned over, and that it was better back in the day. Pixels also contains the worst Adam Sandler performance yet. Yep, that bad.


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