In 1950s New York a passionate love affair happens between an unhappily married Cat Blanchett and the young innocent shop attendant Rooney Mara. In this tale of forbidden love, these two must overcome a jealous and confused husband as well as the oppressive society present at the time.


Carol is undoubtedly a fantastic film. It’s impeccably well filmed, beautifully put together and wonderfully acted. It really is superb. However I didn’t love it. Now this isn’t to say that I didn’t like it, I really did. I just didn’t fall in love with it like so many have.


I think one of the main reasons for the reason I didn’t fall in love with Carol is the soundtrack. For a film this subtle and nuanced I felt the soundtrack was overbearing and just not interesting enough. This really held me back from just letting Carol take me with it because every time I become near fully immersed it kicked in again and I remembered how not as good as the rest of the film it is.


But don’t let me stop you from watching Carol, as I said it’s a wonderful piece of work. I just don’t love it as many people do.




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