The Sand

After a wild beach party over summer break a group of teenagers wake up to find all of their friends have disappeared, and when one girl attempts to walk across the sand the group realise the horrible reality of their situation – the very sand beneath their feet has eaten their friends.


Sounds amazing doesn’t it? No legitimately that’s a fantastic b-movie premise. Unfortunately the Sand never lives up to this. With a tendency to use poor cgi over practical effect (like pretending to be stuck in the sand) it just never gets ridiculous enough to be fully enjoyable.


Watching the Sand makes you realise the true art in making a good fun B-movie. After this viewing you will respect the Mega-Piranhas of this world all the more (as if you didn’t already respect them massively). So, overall don’t let the title or the premise fool you, The Sand isn’t any good I’m afraid.




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