The Walk

In 1974 Phillipe Petit attempts to realise his life hood dream of walking a tightrope between the two towers of the world trade centre. He recruits a team, and heads over to America to try and make the boldest circus act statement possible.


Ok first off let’s concede the fact that the only reason anyone is going to watch this film is the last half hour in which we actually see the walk. And that part of the film is genuinely spectacular. It’s a properly emotional and tense moment of filming and the look of the drop is handled fantastically.


However, to get there you have to sit through an hour and a half of awful. The whole thing is narrated by Joseph Gordon Levitt, now I do like Levitt I think he’s a very fine actor but he isn’t great here. His French-English accent begins fairly laughable but then just gets irritating. But the whole film actually fits in quite nicely with his accent in that it’s just overpoweringly naff. It aims for quirky and cheerful but just ends up being insufferable. There isn’t a single character you want to spend any time with, but at least Ben Kninglsey isn’t in it that much. God knows what Kingsley is trying to do here, god knows where he is even supposed to be from. Another irritating feature of The Walk is its insistence for giving itself lame excuses to speak in English. Everyone knows it’s because if you make your film with subtitles it’s a riskier box office release, and they just want as wide an appeal as they can get but most films just film in English and be done with it. The Walk on the other hand decides that it needs to make excuses for itself each time, this is another feature that begins as unintentionally funny but ends up grating.


Overall, if you manage to get through the dreadful first hour and a half you will be rewarded. And if you do manage that honestly you deserve some form of reward.




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