Sinister 2

A single mother moves with her twin sons to a house in the middle of nowhere in the hopes of escaping from her violent ex-husband who is attempting to reclaim his children. However this is no ordinary house. Soon the family are joined by a young ex-deputy who claims to know some dirty secrets about their new home.


Now I quite like the first Sinister. I think it’s genuinely scary and creepy for the first half, and then kind of loses its way in the second half but is still decent. It also had one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard to date. However Sinister 2 is quite a significant down step. Where in the first film the spectre of Bughuul was something you barely saw and was genuinely frightening, in this film you literally see him in the first scene and he’s everywhere from that point on. And now you see his face in more detail and up close you start to notice that he’s fairly shoddy looking to be honest. There’s just no suspense in Sinister 2. There are some jumps, but they are created out of tension or dramatic reveals they are just loud noises.


Sure, the first Sinister wasn’t a character drama but at least it actually appeared to have people in it. Sinister 2 is populated by what appears to be aliens in human skin that have seen no evidence of actual human behaviour and are just making it up. Especially the two children. The twins are the worst written characters I have seen put to film, well since I saw Entourage last week but that’s beside the point. Whomever wrote this film (4 different people apparently) not only does not have children, but I don’t think they even know what they are. I assume these four people were born at the age of 27 because no human child acts the way these two do ever, in any circumstances. And I’m not even talking about the plot point surrounding them (which don’t make sense) I’m mostly talking about their dialogue.


Overall, as horror sequels go Sinister 2 is down there with Paranormal Activity 2. It’s only real saving grace is that Sinister was only about a 6/10 in the first place so it hasn’t fallen as far as Paranormal Activity did.




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