A young movie star decides that he wants to direct a movie. He has no directing ability and has never done this before, and has now gone 25 million pounds over budget so he is tracked down by producers who want to see if this film he has made is any good. Let’s not pretend this film has a plot people. It’s just four dudes being irritating and shallow, but one of them is supposed to be making a film.


Just to kick things off, it is awful. It doesn’t hold your interest for any longer than a few seconds at a time, and these seconds are consistently moments in which there is a celebrity cameo. I know this has come from a TV series (that I haven’t watched) and on the evidence of this film I cannot understand why anyone would watch it. It’s not even that the ‘characters’ are hateful or anything, it’s just that they don’t exist. You come out thinking that Jeremy Piven’s character (who incidentally is quite hateful) is the main character, it only then dawns on you that he isn’t even meant to be one of the four main players. This film is meant to be about Adrian Grenier’s character, but he has such a lack in charisma you don’t even notice when he starts speaking. This guy is supposed to be playing a super famous actor, and yet he is the most forgettable character of 2015. His friends are all equally bland and unmemorable with the exception of Kevin Dillon who appears to be physically trying to put in a bad performance (he succeeds).


But it isn’t just that Entourage is criminally bland, it’s actually pretty horrible. If you for one second take a look at the female ‘characters’ you’ll notice not only that they don’t exist, but also that they are all portrayed pretty damn awfully. Either being an uptight wife, or a slut essentially. It’s homophobic, it’s misogynist, and it’s the most outrageously right wing film I’ve seen in a while. It’s all about the richest of the rich going around being rich. And I just don’t find that interesting at all. So I don’t believe these people are who they say they are, and I’m not interested in who they say they are any way which all creates this toxically disengaging concoction which makes you just want to stop the film and never resume watching it.


But by far the worst and most laughable element of the film, is the film. You know the film that the main character is supposed to be making. Well throughout the course of the film it turns out he’s made a masterpiece, and to help convince the viewer of its genius we get to see a part of it. And it’s dreadful. Possibly even worse than Entourage actually. And at this stage all you can do is to laugh. It’s actually comical how badly the filmmakers fail to create anything cinema worthy throughout Entourage.


Overall, Entourage just isn’t worth your time. It’s only saving graces are occasionally choosing decent songs for the soundtrack and having cameos from actors I like. But really this is a worst film of the year contender.




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