The Transporter Refuled

Frank Martin is back, and this time he isn’t Jason Statham. “But wasn’t the best thing about the transporter films Jason Statham?” yes. That was the best bit. Well anyway, Frank Martin is back and he has to do some transporting. And now his dad is involved. And to be honest I’m really not that interested in this film anymore.


Not to seem like a stuck record but seriously what is the point of having a transporter film without Jason Statham? There isn’t one. This film is more pointless than the remake of I Spit on Your Grave. And really it’s just been set up to fail hasn’t it.


It’s not very good. It’s dull, unamusing and just not fun enough. The original Transporter movies are not masterpieces, but they were awfully fun. This is just kind of soulless. Ed Skrein had the unenviable task of filling Jason Statham’s shoes, and to be honest he doesn’t. He’s really bad. After having seen this film, nobody can ever again complain about the Stath’s acting ability, he blows this Skrein bloke out of the water.


OK there are some things that are not bad. Some of the action scenes are passable. I liked the use of practical stunt work in some scenes. It’s not offensive, so that’s something.


Overall, this film was set to fail. And it did. It’s lacklustre.




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