Lake Placid vs Anaconda

After some sort of genetic experiment involving one of lake Placid’s resident Alligators and one of the blood orchid breed of Anacondas (refers to that Anaconda sequel you hated) goes horribly wrong, a team of local wardens and their sheriff must fight against the odds to contain the beasts before they get to civilisation.


What we have here is your standard, run of the mill, common or garden modern b-movie in which large usually aquatic animals fight and eat people. It’s no Megapiranha but it passes the time nicely.


Actually one point of note is the cast peppered with modern b-movie stalwarts, we have Corin Nemac (Sand Sharks, Robocroc), Yancey Butler (Lake Placid 3, 4 and Shark Week) and of course the mighty Robert Englund. All of whom bring a campy enthusiasm to the proceedings that allows the film to rattle along rather nicely. However they do bring attention unfortunately to the lack in talent of the other cast members which is a shame.


Overall, this is nothing special but if you are looking for big snakes and big alligators eating each other and scantily clad females this is for you my friend.




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