Hitman: Agent 47

Ok so in this sort of near-future there is a genetically engineered breed of superhuman whom have been designed to be better than normal people in every physical and mental way. They are stronger, faster and more intelligent. Now the bloke who ‘invented’ these so called agents has disappeared for some reason and is now, after about 20 years, being hunted by some people who fancy making some more agents. Along the way it turns out that a certain Agent 47 doesn’t want this to happen, or maybe works for some other people who want the technology for themselves. He sort of teams up with the daughter of said missing bloke in an attempt to both not die and find her father before anyone else does. I think.

Here we go again, yet another video game adaptation. And hey guess what, its rubbish. The acting is rubbish, the script is rubbish and it is generally very poorly shot. I say generally because I think I remember there being about three shots which were about on par. Sometimes there are genuinely bits that look ok. But really this is one to avoid.

Particular low points are the horrendous exposition introduction at the beginning that feel like the length of a full movie in its self, the first fight scene involving the titular agent in which we realise just how important good lighting is in a movie and to be honest every time Hannah Ware opens her mouth because she delivers possibly the worst performance of the year. I know the script doesn’t exactly lend itself to strong acting but good lord.

Overall, feel no need to go watch this film. You’ve seen it all before and far far better.



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