The Lobster

Set in a sort of near future in which it is law that you must be in a relationship or else you will be turned into an animal of your choice, Colin Farrell is a recently single man who is sent to a special hotel designed to help you find your next match in life. What follows is an intensely strange and thought-provoking satire of the modern conceptions of relationships disguised as a dark comedy about getting turned into an animal.

First I would like to mention that The Lobster delivers on both being dark and a comedy. This is a film in which juxtaposes the attempted suicide of a fairly primary character with a light joke about Farrell’s compatibility with another hotel mate due to their shared annoyance over said characters screams of pain. But crucially it is very funny. Colin Farrell is just perfect in this kind of film. I honestly can’t think of a modern actor who has better perfected the art of the dead-pan dark indie comedy. And the entire supporting cast here are on point as well. Whether that be Ben Whishaw, John C Reilly, Lea Seydoux, Michael Smiley or Olivia Colman this is a star studded cast that delivers on its potential and then some.

It is a gorgeous looking movie, set in some kind of non-descript Europeanish near future that could also be Ireland and shot with a beautiful indie cinematography style (lots of long takes, and chances to soak in the surroundings and the way characters mix with them). All of this mixes with a fantastically jarring soundtrack that underlines the sinister backdrop to the movie. The whole film gives this feel of uneasiness, and even when you are laughing there is a certain melancholy to it all.

Overall, The Lobster is a really fine piece of work. Combining satire with romance with chills and comedy, I really suggest you check it out.



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