The Green Inferno

When a group of student activists travel to the amazon rainforest to try and stop a deforestation programme that threatens an isolated Amazonian tribe’s homeland, a tragic accident leaves them stranded in the forest. And they are not alone.

I’ll start off by saying that I’m not really sure why this film has been made, it being 2015 and not 1975. I say that because all Green Inferno is, is an exploitation movie. It’s the kind of film that stopped being made about 25 years ago. Because the world has evolved. But Eli Roth apparently has not. In itself this isn’t a massive issue. There are some good exploitation movies. This isn’t one of them. Which make you wonder why this ever got made.

Let’s start by saying that while tackling the female castration issue which is present in certain areas of the world is fine, and probably a worthwhile cause. This is not the way in which to do it, because it just looked to me like Roth used this as a mean of getting his star (Lorenza Izzo) to run around wearing very little. Maybe I’m being cynical but that’s the impression I got from the movie. Such is Roth’s cinematic gaze especially of his female characters. I did also find the portrayal of the Amazonian tribe as backwards cannibal savages quite problematic.

However Green Inferno’s biggest problem is the way it looks. Because if you hadn’t told me that Eli Roth had directed this, I would’ve assumed it had been produced by the asylum, because it looks ropier than sharknado in terms of camerawork and editing. So when you combine the amateurish visuals, strange outdated exploitation style and racism you have one hell of a messy film to watch. And as such I really didn’t enjoy it very much at all.

Overall, this is probably Roth’s wort film to date. It has nothing to offer the modern world, and to be honest I think even if it had been released in the late seventies I don’t think it would have caught on. It just isn’t good enough, and the practical effects aren’t as good as they should be for a film made in 2015. It’s just very old fashioned in all the worst ways. I’d avoid this one if I were you.



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