Everest tells the tragic real story of the 1996 Everest disaster in which we follow the plight of two climbing group to get to the summit, and crucially get down in the midst of a horrendous storm that leaves them separated from each other and from the bae camp.

Watching Everest is an odd film to watch because you find yourself thinking about how it’s kind of cliché ridden, and then remembering that it’s a true story, and then thinking about how strange it is that a true story feels awfully like a well delivered but poorly written disaster movie.

However the fact remains that Everest is well delivered and is emotionally engaging despite constantly thinking about the funny way that you managed to predict a real life event. You know full well which characters are going to survive and you can see the sadness coming straight for you much in the way of the storm on the mountain, but you can do nothing about it. You predicted it half an hour ago, but the tear are still-a-coming. It is also one hell of a spectacle, especially the scenes in which some poor mountaineer dangles from a ladder across a ravine. So spectacular in fact that you forget about the curious way that a true story managed to include foreshadowing.

Overall, Everest is definitely worth a watch and is a worthy tribute to the deceased upon the mountain. Although I think if it were not true this film would have not garnered such good reviews.



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