Insidious: Chapter 3

After a young girl attempts to contact her recently deceased mother, she finds out that she has unwittingly awakened some demon thing who wants to kill her. She then try to get a retired psychic (whom we see in the other Insidious films) to help her get rid of said demon, but our psychic can’t really do that because there is another demon thing that wants to kill her.

Now I come into this as no fan of the Insidious series. I think that they rely almost entirely on loud noises for scares, and the few times they don’t end up just looking silly to be honest. The third instalment offers nothing to change my mind. It really is just more of the same.

That isn’t to say that none of it is effective. At one point there is a sound effect which is supposed to represent the sound of someone walking on broken legs and that is pretty creepy. Yeah that’s about it really.

I think my biggest problem with the film is how scary it thinks it is compared to how scary it actually is. There are times when the soundtrack tells you that what you are seeing is insanely scary. It’ll kick in with the loud wibbly violins like “whoa that was some spooky shit right?” but in actual fact it’s just like a footprint. Or it’ll be telling you “this right here is the most tense you have ever felt” but it’s just a character looking at her phone.

My other big problem is that it appears to have been written by someone that not only doesn’t understand children, but has never even seen a child. The children in this talk in such an awkward and unrealistic manner that the whole experience is horribly jarring and uncomfortable. The relationship between the father and his children isn’t real, and the relationship between the siblings isn’t real and the relationship between the friends are even worse. It feels like nobody in the film actually knew each other before the day that the events took place upon.

Overall, it really isn’t any good. The plot is all over the place, it is rarely coherent.  To call the characters two dimensional would be to pay them a compliment the simply do not deserve. The acting is all wooden, as is the script. But you know what the sound team did a decent job.



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