Paranormal Activity 4

A family are happily living in an extremely oversized house, when a new family move in next door bringing with them all sorts of crazy happenings. Well I say crazy, they aren’t really that spectacular. And I say happenings, where really there is like one happening at the end.

I bet you thought Paranormal Activity 2 was sure to be the worst of the franchise. Surely there can’t be any duller characters right? Surely there can’t be a film which relies more solely upon loud noises rather than substance right? Well, I welcome you to Paranormal Activity 4.

The key difference in terms of plot for this film compared to the others is that, where the other films focused on a family who moved, this one focuses on a family next to a family who have moved. And where in the others poltergeist like things happen, in this one nothing happens. At all. Like it’s not just a steady build up from nothing to a lot. It’s literally 80 minutes of fuck all, and then some of the stuff you might expect from the half way mark at the end.

Watching this made me think that Paranormal Activity 2 wasn’t so bad. I mean at least things happened, yes it was painfully dull and had no threat but at least stuff actually occurred. In this instalment the biggest thing that happens is a slight movement in the dots of one of those Kinect things. And by the way it is quite clear that when the person who thought of this little idea announced it to the producers they lost their shit entirely. Because about 80% of the “scares” come from this. But I suppose in theory it’s an ok idea. I might give it a point for that so I seem less mean.

Goddamn this was a boring movie. Without a doubt the worst film of the franchise, it literally has no redeeming features and is just a complete waste of time. Don’t watch it for goodness sake.



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