Ed Helms is Rusty Griswold, the father to a family of four. Noticing that his family are starting to drift apart he decides to drive across the country to Walleyworld in order to bring them all closer together. And then some stuff goes wrong, and hilarity does not ensue.

Right let’s kick off with the good. I chuckled three times. Once at a lame throwaway internet language joke that I found funny because I am secretly 53. Once at a bit of slapstick that began humorous but lasted too long and then lost its appeal. And once at that bit where they talk about the controls for the new car and how it has a swastika button (to be honest I was extremely tired upon viewing and anything that even vaguely resembled humour would have sent me into chuckles). They were other times at which I found myself thinking “hey that could have been funny, wasn’t though”. And that’s about it for the positives, although I suppose it’s not an especially long movie.

Now it’s not as repulsive as something like Get Hard, but that isn’t to say that Vacation doesn’t have its fair share of uncomfortable racism and homophobia. There are a couple of “gags” about how the sat nav talks in Korean because “lol Koreans sound funny”, and how the car is rubbish and Albanian because “lol Albanians are bad at making cars?” and there is also an uncomfortably long running “joke” about gender fluidity that is incredibly jarring an awkward. But other than that Vacation is largely safe in its dreadfulness.

Overall, Vacation is nothing new. It’s not really bad enough to get worked up about, nor is it worth watching for any reason. If it weren’t for its brand name connections this would go unnoticed for the year and forgotten immediately. It’s not great at all.



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