Amy Schumer is a woman who has gone her whole life living by her dad’s mantra that “monogamy isn’t realistic” and so through a combination of not really wanting to commit to anyone and also not finding anyone decent enough to do so with, she has earned the reputation as a lone wolf. However when she is made to interview a sports doctor for the magazine she writes for, her stance on monogamy is challenged.

What Trainwreck is, is a standard enough formula for a rom com. Only this time the key gender roles are reversed. We have the female being loose and free, and the male being the calm reserved one. And as such it separates itself from the normal bulk of rom coms and slides in alongside the likes of Bridesmaids. What it also does to remove itself from the main rom com body is to be genuinely hilarious. I haven’t laughed this much at a movie in quite some time. But along with that I genuinely found myself rooting for the characters and being quite emotionally attached to them. It is a really fine piece of work.

This is one of those rare comedies in which pretty much every joke hits you (there is one exception involving a sports commentator which didn’t personally get me, but I’m sure others found it funny). I laughed out loud on many many occasions. My particular highlights were the film within a film starring none other than Daniel Radcliffe and Marisa Tomei (I know right!), John Cena’s dirty talk and LeBron’s relationship chat with Amy. But honestly everyone is on top form here. Amy herself is fabulous as usual, Bill Hader does his thing better than I’ve ever seen him do before, John Cena and LeBron James are genuine revelations showing better comic timing and delivery than some comic acting standards (Adam Sandler I am looking directly at you), Tilda Swinton is unrecognisable and also brilliant, Ezra Miller has ten minutes of screen time but all of them are gold, I could go on all night just listing the entire cast.

And the writing is just spot on, managing to be a social satire but at the same time a genuine heartfelt rom com, and at the same time just rib achingly funny in a way that I haven’t really seen. Possibly you could say that within its satirical form it perhaps stays a little formulaic, but then that would be nit-picking and I also felt it was necessary to fully display the point they were trying to get across. Just one last point, I really enjoyed the way that the father was displayed in the film. He was shown completely as he was: a bit of a dick. But they found within that the realms for people to like and love him, and I thought that was a really well depicted and written part of the film.

Overall, I really did love Trainwreck and I think you will too. A feminist rom com of the modern age.



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