Last Knights

Clive Owen is an incredibly loyal and skilled soldier under Morgan Freeman’s rule of a region within an all-powerful empire (ruled over by Aksel Hennie). However when Clive Owen is forced to execute Freeman on command of Hennie he decides to undergo a mission to reclaim his master’s honour.

Last Knights had plenty of potential to be a fun bit of medieval nonsense, however it only achieves one of those criteria. It is just nonsense. Poorly lit, lazily acted and appallingly scripted nonsense. But not in a kind of Jupiter Ascending way, in that it makes so little sense it actually compels you to watch it, but the kind of nonsense that just leaves you snoring. Clive Owen here is putting in Adam Sandler levels of energy and it’s not hard to see why.

But really my main problem with Last Knights is that there is just so little to say about it. Stuff happens in the film, but it just feels like nothing. It is completely inoffensive but adds nothing to the world at large, and just appears to me to be a hunk of wasted money and a blot on Morgan Freeman’s career. I’d avoid this one if I were you.



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