Fantastic Four (Fant4stic)

When a group of four talented young scientists create and use a machine that can transport matter from this to another dimension on themselves, they find out that this process can have disturbing effects on the human body. They find themselves given strange powers and abilities, but can they learn to harness these in time to save the world?

Ok so this film has got a lot of hate, like it’s scored something around 27 on metacritic, which is truly abysmal. So I went into this fearing the worst. But it really isn’t that bad. Like at all. I actually quite enjoyed the first half. It did kind of lose its way and begin to rush along once they had found their abilities but it never stooped to the level of the previous Fantastic Four movies (which are in my opinion laughably bad). Don’t get me wrong it’s not great it just isn’t anywhere near to how bad people are saying it is.

I think the crucial flaw in Fant4stic is that its core characters and the comics it’s based on come into direct conflict with the kind of movie the director and his team were trying to make. While the right way to do this is the Incredibles, this is trying to be a sci-fi Dark Knight. It’s very dark and has aspirations to deeper themes and to be a serious film. However I feel like this has kind of gone the way that Man of Steel did in trying to make a light superhero dark. And similarly to Man of Steel it doesn’t really work.

There were things I liked about Fant4stic. I thought Miles Teller did a rather good job despite being lumbered with most of the exposition and clunky lines, especially towards the end. I thought certain visual effects worked well. The Thing and The Human Torch have never looked better – Mr. Incredible didn’t fare so well – . I thought Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan supported Teller well, and Reg E. Cathey puts in a gem of a performance.  I do however think that the acting talent here is largely wasted, especially poor Jamie Bell.

Overall though I actually thought I was watching a different movie to the rest of the world. There is almost nothing in the film that is terrible enough to cause this reaction. Yes the final third is rushed, yes there could be more character development, but other than a final scene in which they decide upon their names it’s an ok film. But honestly that scene is one of the worst pieces of scripting I have ever witnessed oh my goodness what a terrible way to end a film, this is like Kingsman levels of bad endings to films.



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