Paul Rudd is a burglar who after kinda messing up his life by getting caught doing some anti-big business robbery is given a second chance by Michael Douglas in the form of a shrinking suit. Michael Douglas wants Paul Rudd to help him steal back some technology that Corey Stoll has been developing and could spell bad stuff for the world at large.

At this point, when someone says “this is a different and quirky edition to the MCU” they just mean another Marvel movie. Because let’s face it they all put comedy at forefront now. Just look at Age of Ultron, or Guardians of the Galaxy, or Iron Man 3, or Thor. To be honest the least comedic based marvel movie was probably Iron Man 2, and that was rubbish. But anyway a comedic Marvel movie is nothing new, so the question is how can Ant-Man differentiate itself from the rest?

Well, for one by getting Edgar Wright to write it (or bits of it at least). Because it does differentiate itself from the rest, simply by being the funniest one yet. And while Wright may have walked away from directing the picture his presence can still be strongly felt in some scenes. However it does make you wonder just how incredible the film could have been if they let Wright have his way. Because it’s good now, but there are flashes of true genius hidden within. These flashes tend to emerge stronger whenever Michael Pena is on screen, and to be honest he isn’t on screen enough. He completely steals the film and the scenes in which he recounts conversations are the best comic scenes I have seen for a while.

Now my one worry going into this film was that I don’t really think that much of Paul Rudd. I don’t dislike him, I don’t think he’s bad or anything. I just don’t think he’s especially charismatic or funny in any of his films. I think he’s a bit ordinary essentially. And nothing in Ant-Man has done anything to change my mind. I mean he’s fine, has a couple of funny lines and nearly carries the emotional side of the film. But he can’t compete with the people he shares the screen with. I found he was kind of a background character in a film in which he plays the main protagonist which is odd. But the supporting cast were brilliant enough for this not to matter very much.

I also think the film would have fared better as a full blown comedy, because nobody is going to take the superhero Ant-Man seriously and yet they had a stab at making this a serious action film. While these action sequences are solid enough if I could pick which bits of the film I could rewatch I’d pick the outright comic bits.

Overall, despite not being all it could have been (if they had kept Edgar Wright on, and possibly switched Paul Rudd for someone better, no offence to the guy) I still enjoyed Ant-Man enormously.



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