A documentary following the story of Killer Whales in captivity. Focusing specifically on Tilikum the abnormally large male orca who was responsible for three deaths to humans whilst in captivity.

I should probably start by warning you that if you at all like humans or other animals this will be a harrowing experience for you. Not least because near every human death caused by a killer whale is caught on camera. Whether it be on a hand held by a customer or the park’s own footage, you can see exactly what happens in each instance. A particular emotional low point from the perspective of the Killer Whales comes quite early on when it is explained how the orcas were captured in the first place.

It is also completely fascinating. You needn’t know anything about this subject going in, because I myself only knew a smidgeon of info and I kept up just fine. The filmmakers know full well that not everybody is up to speed on the subject of Killer Whales in captivity so it starts right at the beginning and doesn’t rush anything.

Overall, I guarantee it will make you think a little harder next time you visit a zoo, such is the tale of animal cruelty and negligence told here. Not only this but I think it will leave you just in awe of the complexity and pure power of these creatures.



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