A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Within desolate Iranian town “Bad City” residents are unaware to the fact that they have an almost other-worldly guest. One whom has begun to stalk and sometimes hunt down the locals.

That was a poor synopsis of this movie. Because I suddenly realised when about to type this, that you can’t really do a proper synopsis. Because you can either do painfully vague (see above) or you have to set up all the characters and their relationships which would take up most of the review. This is all because it’s not really a plot driven movie as such. It more relies on characters to progress the narrative. And as such what the film is actually about can be interpreted completely differently by different people. For instance you may notice the cover of this film states that it is a vampire film, but I don’t really see it like that. I saw it as more of a love story or a tale of living in a crappy suburb and needing to get out.

One of the key features that contribute to how incredible this film is, is the way it captures the feeling of needing to get out of where you are. It reminded me quite a lot of the beginning of the Wizard of Oz in terms of aesthetic. It uses a similar black and white colouring in order to portray that feeling of being trapped in your own past. It’s also filmed in the most incredible almost ghost town of a city. With long empty backstreets and crumbling ruins interspersed with run down flats.

This is a film not afraid to deal with some very real issues. It takes on themes of misogyny, prostitution, drugs and rape. All the while remaining very much a horror film. Very few films I think manage to maintain a constant feel of tension absolutely throughout. There are long drawn out scenes between the lead two roles in which you literally hold your breath. The eerie quiet between them just keeps you absolutely on edge. It’s one of those films that while it is in a foreign language (unless you speak Persian) you don’t really need subtitles to follow what is going on, the visuals speak so loudly.

Overall I adored this movie. I think it breathes new life into a genre that many thought had been killed off by the twilight franchise, at the same time it’s like no vampire movie I have ever seen and as I mentioned earlier I don’t really see it a such anyway. You need to see this movie as soon as you can.



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