Ted 2

Seth MacFarlane is a fowl mouthed bear whose relationship with Jessica Barth is on the rocks. So he decides to reignite their love for each other by having a baby, however the events that follow this lead to there being questions about whether or not this bear counts as a human or property.

Don’t let the plot of this movie fool you, it’s not actually mind-numbingly dull. Because luckily for us MacFarlane tends to stick to what he’s good at in Ted 2, and that of course is doing crappy throwaway gags that make no difference to the storyline or world at large. The side gags here completely eclipse any of the main plot gags. A particular highlight being a Liam Neeson cameo in which he purchases some cereal (trust me it’s legitimately gold).

The trouble I have with Ted 2 is that, after about an hour of consistently funny little gags MacFarlane decides he wants to make an actual film. So after that the jokes dry up and so does everybody’s interest. The last half hour especially felt an awful lot like hard work. This is all because that, while the characters in Ted are funny, you don’t like any of them. So when they stop making jokes as often you just lose interest. I’m no big Mark Wahlberg fan, and in this he is yet again unremarkable. Amanda Seyfried is decent enough, but of course in this film written and directed by Seth MacFarlane Seth MacFarlane gets all the best lines (except the ones Liam Neeson has).

As with all of Seth MacFarlane works, not all of the jokes land successfully. But his laugh rate is fairly high here, with only about one in five falling flat (see Jay Leno’s contribution for a key example). But so far all MacFarlane’s foray into movies has convinced me of, is that he is best suited to TV.

Overall, this is neither his best nor his worst work (those being Family Guy’s Blue Harvest and his hosting of the Oscars respectively) so if you like the other stuff he’s done this should be up your street.



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