The Jurassic Park Trilogy

Welcome to the fourth and final chapter of Jurassic June, where we visit the most well known and loved dinosaur movies. Starring Sam Neil twice, Jeff Goldblum twice and ground-breaking visual effects thrice, there is a reason the Jurassic Park movies have a place in everyone’s hearts, well at least the first one does.

Jurassic Park (1993)

Sam Neil and Laura Dern are palaeontologists who receive a strange invitation from Richard Attenborough to visit his private island off the coast of Costa Rica. When they arrive they discover that he has in fact managed to create his very own theme park come zoo full with prehistoric animals – dinosaurs. However after a series of events involving a large storm, a large man and a large dinosaur shit starts to go awry.

There is a reason the first Jurassic Park is thought of as a classic, and it’s not just because of the awe-inspiring effects which still impress to this day despite it being a 22 year old movie now. It’s because Jurassic Park is an example of Spielberg at his finest, combining a stellar cast of interesting characters and edge of your seat action. It set the bar extremely high for the rest of the series, a height that couldn’t be reached unfortunately.


The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

Turns out, that Isla Nublar was not the only island Richard Attenborough had populated with dinosaurs. Jeff Goldblum joins Vince Vaughn and Julianne Moore as a research team investigating the dinos. However when they arrive they discover that Pete Postlethwaite and a bunch of hard looking blokes have come to do some dino-stealing in order to populate their own dinosaur zoo (because that’s clearly such a great idea).

All of the ingredients of this movie if you inspect them separately would suggest the final product should be just as good as the first movie was – even if it does use Vince Vaughn – but this is not the case. In fact many view this as Spielberg’s weakest ever movie. It lacks the sense of wonder the first brought, it lacks the same kind of excitement. It just seems kind of lacklustre to be honest. It is sloppily scripted and just not put together with any of the care or thought that went into the first. I mean it isn’t terrible, it’s just such a big disappointment.


Jurassic Park III

William H Macy and tea leoni lose their son in a freak paragliding accident, and manage to convince Sam Neil to do another Jurassic Park movie with the promise of lots of money. So the team with Same Neil on board land on either the island from the first or second films (I forget which) only to find that there is a bigger threat to their lives than just a T.Rex and Velociraptors. There is also a Spinosaurus.

Jurassic Park III is like a meal where the creators, while compiling all of the ingredients, forgot the base of the dish. That would be a script. Essentially this whole movie is just an excuse to get a T.Rex to fight another big dinosaur. Admittedly it is a good scene, it’s just a shame about the rest of the film. Jurassic Park III is far removed even from the lacklustre filmmaking of Lost World. Sam Neil looks bored, and so will you.



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