Jurassic World

22 years after the events of Jurassic Park Isla Nublar is now a fully functioning Dino-theme park. However after many years of great success studies have suggested the public are no longer wowed by dinosaurs, they want something bigger and more impressive. This forces geneticists to create their own dinosaur, designed to be larger and more impressive than even the Tyrannosaurus the Indominus Rex is certainly the park’s prize possession, but at what cost?

While there is an awful lot of hype around this, the reason I am so late to watch it is because I was fairly cautious about how good it was actually going to be. We have to remember only one Jurassic Park movie is actually any good, so my expectations were not especially high. Having said that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I got really involved in the characters and some of the dinosaurs, and I just let it wash over me. I put most of my brain and all of my cynicism to one side and I recommend this is what you all do.

There has been some criticism of the character development or lack thereof in Jurassic World, but this didn’t affect my viewing. I thought they were fleshed out just enough for me to roll with it. While they weren’t quite 3 dimensional I thought they reacted believably enough to each other. I bought into the brother relationship that is at the heart of the movie, and I thought Bryce Dallas Howard’s character had more to her than many are making out. Obviously it’s not a character piece so there are holes in the development but I thought they did just enough.

But what we were all really seeing this movie for was the dinosaurs. There aren’t actually that many dinosaur movies about, and far fewer decent ones. So it is a pleasant surprise to get some proper dinosaur action. Whether it be the Mosasaurs or the central Indominus Rex all of the dinos bring the wow factor. It’s also nice to see Pterodactyls getting some proper action after they were misused in Jurassic Park 3. I do still think that a Jurassic Park film mostly set in the water needs to happen (Jurassic World 2 perhaps) but I was satisfied enough with the Mosasaurs action I got.

Overall, it’s not especially clever but it is big and loud and absolutely gripping. This is a proper summer blockbuster and it I suggest you catch it on the big screen. While probably more violent than the last instalments I reckon kids of today could probably hack the peril levels. Properly enjoyable cinema.



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