Melissa McCarthy is a one of the CIA’s top analysts, directing Jude Law’s super-spy in his every move. However when Jude Law goes missing and Rose Byrne says she knows the name of every agent working for the CIA, McCarthy is called upon to save the day because she is essentially an unknown. Add in a rouge Jason Statham, Miranda and an Italian Peter Serafinowicz, and you have quite the spy spoof.

Now I’ll be honest, after watching the trailer I was not immediately taken with this film. Really I was only watching it because there isn’t much else on other than Jurassic World (which I am going to watch on Monday hopefully) so I figured why not? I then thought well it could be rubbish and a waste of two hours of my life. But I watched it anyway. And you know what I actually quite liked it.

Now it’s not a straight from the blocks hilarity fest, it actually took me about 40 minutes to start laughing, but once I started I did laugh fairly consistently until it kind of lost its way in the last 15 minutes. If you previously didn’t know that Melissa McCarthy was a fantastic comic screen presence there can be doubt about it after Spy. And Jason Statham is absolutely superb in playing essentially himself, only he’s useless. I have always been a big Jason Statham fan, and I’ve always felt that he had a bit more about him than just being the greatest action star of his generation, and Spy has proved that indeed he does.

With action-comedies you do have to include both action and comedy, and Spy mostly did this throughout. However it does have flaws that emerge in the form of poor plotting. This becomes especially apparent towards the end of the film where you kind of lose track of what is actually going on, sure you are still laughing but it kind of turns into spy-like sketch scenes with not much connecting them. And then when they try and do just standard spy stuff at the end it’s not as fun and doesn’t quite work.

Overall, it’s not the smash hit comedy many have said it is, but it is funny and definitely worth a watch even if it is about half an hour too long.



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